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Linda Deos for Davis City Council


As residents, we're all proud to call Davis our home. We love our parks and greenbelts. We love our tree canopy. And yes, we love our electric cars and bicycles. We also face many challenges, including pressure for new development, closing shops, disappearing green spaces, and rising rents. I will work to be an informed, effective advocate for our community and I know we'll succeed if we face these challenges together. As an independent voice for Davis, I will not accept any campaign contributions from developers.


I will work for thoughtful in-fill projects prioritizing entry-level multi-unit housing for working families, seniors, and students. I prefer housing developments that integrate affordable housing options into the project. I support housing projects designed for fewer cars and energy efficiency. 


We must examine options and look for ways to increase the city's revenues. This includes increasing those taxes, e.g. parcel taxes, that stay in the city and are not shared with other public entities. I support changing how the city accesses impact fees on multi-unit housing developments to better reflect the actual cost to Davis. I also support exploring how UC Davis can contribute to alleviating its negative impacts on Davis - e.g. putting money into a fund for affordable student housing within city limits and/or paying the city to cover road and other infrastructure costs due to its ever-increasing student population.

Civil Rights

I support the creation of a Police Oversight Commission. I also support members of the Commission having access to the personnel records of the officers being investigated.

Downtown Davis

I want to create a downtown that is attractive to all of us who live here in Davis. We will accomplish this by incentivizing diversity in businesses, increasing residential housing located downtown, and transportation planning that encourages people to shop and eat downtown. Let's make Tim Spencer Alley a destination for music, art, and dining.


Transparency and respectful collaboration are necessary to establish public trust in our city institutions so that we can give the people of Davis the future it deserves. A great example of such collaboration was the creation and implementation of the new surveillance ordinance.


We need to fix and maintain our roads, bike paths, and parks & that is why I support renewing the parcel tax for parks and implementing a parcel tax for roads, bike paths, and sidewalks.





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