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All Rights Reserved - Linda Deos for Yolo County Supervisor 2020


I am a Davis resident and attorney specializing in consumer protection law; bankruptcy, student loans, and debt collection defense.


I fight for people with the fewest resources, and I have successfully sued big banks and credit reporting agencies on behalf of my clients. I helped establish the first help desk for unrepresented clients at the Sacramento Federal Courthouse. 


I also volunteer for the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals’ Know Your Law Clinics, and am a court appointed volunteer mediator for ADA disability access cases for the Eastern District of California.

I am proud to serve on the Davis Utilities Commission, the Cannabis Business Tax Citizens’ Advisory Committee, and the Board of Directors for the Yolo Basin Foundation. I previously served on the Yolo County Health Council.  


In 1985, I was a delegate to the United Nations Conference for Women in Nairobi, Kenya, and participated in a number of panels discussing lesbian rights in developing countries.


I live in Davis with my wife, Eva, our dog, Dobby, and cat, Marco Polo.

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“Being a member of the LGBT community means I know what it’s like to fight for a seat at the table or where I have to hide a portion of myself to be recognized or be safe in a particular environment.” - Linda

Jobs - Housing - Sustainability

JOBS - With our high cost of living, it is critical that the jobs in our community pay livable wages - which means enough to provide for housing, food, healthcare and a reasonable standard of living. As your supervisor, I will fight to make Yolo a Rural Innovation Hub to create good paying local jobs geared towards twenty-first century, progressive solutions for rural communities.      


HOUSING - The lack of affordable housing in our county is at crisis levels and addressing it has not been a priority of our current Board. As your Supervisor, I will make housing a top priority to ensure that we have adequate housing for all income levels. This means building more affordable housing for farm workers, families and seniors as well as housing for our unhoused residents.


SUSTAINABILITY- The climate crisis is real and Yolo must be prepared. As your Supervisor, I will work with our farmers and community members to prepare for extreme weather and maintain our agricultural land, food and water supply while avoiding unnecessary sprawl. I will also work to ensure Yolo meets the state deadline of net zero carbon emissions. 

CRIMINAL JUSTICE - My life’s work has been to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, and as your Supervisor I will ensure that we properly fund non-incarceration approaches to crime including: housing, education and job training that have been demonstrated to reduce recidivism rates and thus keep everyone safer. 


ACCOUNTABILITY - As we work to improve Yolo County to best meet the needs of all of our residents, it is critical that your voice is heard. As your supervisor, I will continue to engage in local community events, maintain office hours and ensure that the county is listening to and addressing your priorities. 

CONTACT ME - If you have any questions, email me at: